How long does the subscription last?

The Club subscription is for one year from the moment of signing.

Can I join at any time of the year?

Yes, as long as there are still places available.

Are there any other expenses derived from the use of the boat?

The only extra cost to be assumed by the user is the fuel consumption. They must return the boat at the end of the trip with a full tank of fuel, as it was delivered to them.

Do the partners share ownership of the boat?

No, the concepts of co-ownership or multi-ownership have many complications associated with them, so our club members do not own the boats on a shared basis. They simply enjoy sailing in a flexible and carefree way.

What are the requirements to become a member?

It is necessary to have the pertinent qualification to be able to handle the chosen boat. If you do not have it, our Club offers you a practical and comfortable Initiation Program, which allows you to obtain the qualification through one of our Associated Schools, carrying out a special training with our boats in a fast, easy and comfortable way.

Is sailing experience necessary to become a member?

No, but if you do not have the experience and/or knowledge necessary to safely steer the boat, we will advise you to take one of the training and improvement programs. You will enjoy sailing from the beginning, with the help of the best and most experienced instructors

What is the duration of each trip?

Each trip has a duration of 5 hours. There is the possibility of booking two trips in the same day to enjoy a full day on your boat.

Can I sail all year round?

Yes, the boats are available for our members to enjoy all year round, with the exception of the dates set aside for a comprehensive annual maintenance and dry-docking program.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the boat?

The Club takes care of all the tasks associated with the boat: mooring and maintenance, which is carried out in a comprehensive and professional manner by qualified personnel. The member is only obliged to report any anomaly observed as soon as possible.

Who cleans the boat?

The Club performs a complete cleaning of the boat once a week. Members are only responsible for basic care after each use.

What basic care does the member have to perform?

Although the Club performs the complete cleaning of the boat, the members do some simple care of the boat at the end of their outing. It only takes a few minutes, such as taking the garbage away or removing the salt from the deck with a quick wipe down.

What happens if something is damaged or broken on the boat?

The member is responsible for the boat and its crew while sailing. However, for your peace of mind, the Club provides its members with an accident assistance insurance and a civil liability policy. The member will only be responsible for the expenses not covered by the comprehensive insurance policy.

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